Grey Ox Meadows Hosts Yoga Retreat


We were very busy at 875 Grey Ox Ave, preparing in advance for the 8 people scheduled to arrive at nine o’clock Sunday morning. Meal planning, grocery shopping, house cleaning, craft prepping were all on my agenda.   Fortunately the heavens poured down buckets of the white stuff a few days before the event, giving us plenty of snow for our snow shoeing trek across the meadows.  William was working graveyard shifts but managed to find time to borrow Shea’s arctic cat snow machine with the ski hill groomer hitched behind, began grooming the 5 km of trails, behind the barn, in what we call the sandpit field.  The melodic Dickie River meanders gracefully thru the 300 acres.  Behind this field lies 40 acres of Bruce County Forest.  Chances of viewing wildlife are significant.

People arrived around 9 and were offered coffee, herbal teas, gluten free mini muffins, both rhubarb and pumpkin, with a sweet platter of melon and pineapple.

Donning our snow shoes, both modern and traditional, we traversed the cedar lined road, viewed the rapids of Dickie Creek, then circled the Hog’s Back.  Up through Turkey Pass, west on the crest, descending back to the cedar lined road.  We took pictures at the rapids, as well as a group selfie and several photos of various yoga poses on snow shoes.   From above the barn the horses Hailey and miniature Moccasin greeted the rosy cheeked crew.

After a much needed water break, we ascended to the third floor attic for 75 min of Karma Yoga.  Almost everyone fell asleep during Savasana.

Lunch around the harvest table included pureed cauliflower/carrot soup with a garden salad.  Muffins, fruit and chocolates were laid out for dessert with tea.  Many conversations were enjoyed.

The crafting of heart pillows, using antique quilts and vintage buttons ensued while one by one the participants were given thai yoga massage for 15 min ea.

Everyone left rejuvenated and refreshed!