Private Retreat Social


This past wkend we had a lovely gaggle of gals descend upon Grey Ox Meadows for a Bachelorette Party.  There were thirteen in attendance for the giant sleep over.  The weather cooperated so Karissa could lead KarmaYoga on the lawn.  Following the snoring in Savasana, dinner was served with Curried Cauliflower Soup and a Garden Salad.  One of the sisters of the bride had set the table with lovely sparkle encrusted wine glasses filled with gifts with which to pamper oneself.  She had also made a scrapbook photo album filled with sentimental letters from each of the guests.  Needless to say the bride was overwhelmed with emotion.  Dessert was provided in the form of coconut cashew cookies.  A drive to the lake to watch the sunset and a walk on the beach to wear off the full tummies ensued.  Once back to the Meadows, waiting to greet them, was a huge bonfire, which lit up the evening sky.   It started to spit rain but the girls still visited outdoors while roasting their marshmallows on the hand hued roasting sticks.  The guests made their own array of snacks for nibbling while they were entertained by the movie ‘Bridesmaids’.  All drifted off to sleep in their various rooms until breakfast of a variety of muffins, toast and baked bacon wrapped eggs. A plentiful selection of fresh fruit was laid out, along with coffee and herbal teas.  Gale force winds with a heavy downpour waylaid the morning walk, in it’s place, Karissa of Karma Yoga, gave a guided meditation followed by an hour of adult therapeutic colouring.

Vouching that the girls had a great time, a second social retreat was booked for mid June to celebrate another upcoming wedding.

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