Our stay at the Grey Ox Bed & Breakfast, was a magical delight from beginning to end. We had 2 trips to make in that area for a training course a week apart, so we first tried out the little cabin on the top of a hill. As it happened, we arrived deep in a snow storm and the cabin was so warm, inviting and cozy. It had a rustic charm that was so well designed and crafted from start to finish (William the owner designed and built it himself!). We loved it there! We could imagined how delightful it would be to hang out there in the summer as well. The following week we stayed in the house bedroom which was a little more convenient in regards to luxurious baths and regular plumbing! In both locations the beds were extremely comfortable and the linens beautiful. And the food was also incredible! Although we had gluten and dairy sensitivities, the meals where amazing! So delicious that we ate more than we expected!. Irene is a fantastic cook! They also accommodated our last minute requests for dinners for a few nights. Our hosts, Irene and William were so gracious, kind and charming, that made us feel so comfortable and at home in their home! It felt like a real holiday away from home, despite the intense course training we were doing each day. Irene also cared for our dog while we where gone, which was an unexpected extra that we were so ever grateful for. Their house and cabin are so, so beautiful, with lovely art and motif’s throughout it’s a bit like a gallery or magazine, with great stories about each carefully placed object. It was inspiring. All in all, we recommend very highly for anyone in the area of Lucknow to definately visit this B & B as one of the top stays in Ontario!

Ingrid Cryns, Psychotherapist & Architect and Brad Ruelens, Home Renovator,
Zephyr, Ontario